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About Us

Fresh Trading Co. is a new and exciting fluid business coming to the Retail, Fuel and Convenience sector, striving to deliver a strong point of difference.

Fresh Trading Co. is unique and prides itself not only on being the first of its kind Nationally, with our Canopy design, amazing store concepts and the highest of quality equipment, we also pride ourselves on supporting local and/ or new family-based businesses. We have designed an environment for each site that is different to the mainstream thus blending with the location in which we are operating.


Established in 2017 with a philosophy centered on traditional customer service and strict business ethics Fresh Trading Co. has engineered a concept to obtain the highest reputation for quality, convenience, healthy lifestyle eating and cost effectiveness with our valued customers and industry associates. Unlike the competition, our product and service will become a lifestyle choice of more convenience and greater satisfaction.

Realizing milestones set within the business plan for growth, turnover, profitability and development has positioned Fresh Trading Co. with a current capacity to undertake valued services across numerous facets of Fuel Retailing and Convenience Shopping.

To ensure a quality service and a clear understanding of all issues during operations, senior company management (Board of Directors) is consulted and has input on every aspect from the costing stage through to product delivery. Direct and constant liaison with our suppliers is maintained at all times to promote confident, positive relationships, and reinforce our commitment to a successful outcome for all involved, as we endeavor to create and cultivate long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Emphasis on Team Member training and providing opportunities for advancement has resulted in a stable work environment and job security in turn leading to an outstanding safety and industrial relations record. With a team of experienced and driven individuals monitoring and implementing training requirements, the continuous education of team members will be maintained to ensure their safety and that of our customers.


The culture of our company and work ethic of our teams, allows us to be dynamic and responsive to accommodate our customers’ needs, as we strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction, and apply changes to continuously improve without compromising the quality of our products and service.

Faster, Healthier, Happier

fresh trading co